Symantec Content Analysis System Turned into a Powerful File Security Platform via its API

Symantec CAS is a powerful dual AV, Predictive Analysis and Custom Sandbox Environment that provided a powerful API for external systems integrations along with standard ICAP server functions.

Our Client needed a solution to inspect thousands of files exchanged between document management systems utilizing strict encryption of the communication channel and certificate based authentication between client systems. It was impossible to decrypt the custom protocol with a network based inspection solution.

The Challenge

The Solution

Tripwire is a real time File Integrity Management solution. Very customizable and very powerful. But even so and despite the fact that the changes track record exists it is really hard to identify good from bad. Tripwire Dynamic Software Reconciliation is an add-on module which supports Tripwire Enterprise environments with added-value software reconciliation. The solution integrates into online and local update repositories and creates manifests for the approved changes and then propagates approved changes on the target machines optimizing your security and monitoring strategy.
We understand Windows and UNIX environments and we are able to implement such strategic solutions for good.


The Data Loss Prevention
that works

Automated Controls are Key to Managing and Securing Personal Data

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Implementing a Holistic Monitoring Strategy

Your SIEM properly setup is all you need.

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File Integrity Monitoring That Manages the Noise and Highlight the Important Changes

Tripwire FIM Monitors approximately 450 critical assets in one of the most critical Credit Card Production environments in Bulgaria.

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