Implementing a Holistic Monitoring Strategy

Your SIEM properly setup is all you need

Our Client needed a full feature monitoring system spanning its security systems and critical infrastructure components. SIEM technologies are very well suited to address these challenges.

But great things come at a cost: SIEMs need tuning and parsers to identify critical information within collected log data. This is a professional job to do yet very powerful results can be achieved.

The Challenge

The Solution

Knowledge. SIEM is the most powerful technology that can bridge events and incident data within any enterprise. We understand that today’s XDR and SOAR technologies are well adopted but if you are professional and if you understand your infrastructure configuration basis, you will know for real that spending money on these technologies while having a SIEM solution needs to have a very strong grounds.

We revised the infrastructure integration with the SIEM solution. We fine-tuned log collection. We created parsers. We utilized XDR integration for certain security technologies and back-piped readily available incident data into the SIEM. We created advanced correlation rules in the SIEM in order to track breaches with elevated confidence. We assigned custom criticality thresholds and enhanced visibility. We created custom dashboards and provided the information to all stakeholders within the organization.

This was exactly how any properly setup SIEM solution should have been working.


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