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Andrey Pavlov

Director Sales Operations & Business Development

Andrey Pavlov is one of the two people who are the driving force behind AKAT Technologies. As a pioneer in the field of Cyber Security, he developed and set the vision for AKAT Technologies.

Andrey's lifelong passion for technology and the endless possibilities it presents has been instrumental in shaping AKAT Technologies into what it is today. His journey into the world of Cyber Security was initiated while working at an IT company, where he recognized the pressing need for enhanced digital protection and the importance of securing valuable data.

The Importance of Digital Information Security
Believing that digitization is an integral part of every sustainable business,
Andrey Pavlov firmly believes that digital information behind corporate now-how and strategic ideas should be safeguarded attentively. Both external and internal adversaries are posing threats and can exploit digital and logical vulnerabilities in order to withhold knowledge and information and disrupt business operation. For AKAT Technologies information is not just data; it's the lifeblood of every business and should never be compromised.

AKAT Technologies' Mission: Providing Peace of Mind
At AKAT Technologies, Andrey envisions providing more than just Cyber Security solutions. He envisions offering peace of mind to clients. He understands that in this age of digital transformation, individuals and businesses need to have the assurance that their data is safe and secure.This commitment to the safety and security of clients' information is the cornerstone of AKAT's mission.

Commitment to Action
Andrey Pavlov's work philosophy is embodied in the phrase "Actions speak louder than words." He believes in leading by example and ensuring that AKAT Technologies delivers on its promises.

Navigating the Future of Cyber Security
As for the future of Cyber Security, Andrey sees it filled with ever-increasing challenges. He advocates for constant monitoring and proactive interaction to stay ahead in the battle against cyber threats.

Enduring Legacy in Cyber Security
What truly motivates Andrey is the desire to leave a lasting legacy. He aspires to build a sustainable business that can thrive even in his absence, ensuring that AKAT Technologies remains a trusted name in the field of cybersecurity, providing cutting-edge solutions to protect individuals and businesses.

Ivelin Pavlov

Managing Partner

As a co-founder Ivelin Pavlov has always been a strong driving force behind AKAT Technologies.
In 2010, he was invited by experienced professionals in the industry to join their team specializing in Cyber Security, which they found to be a more challenging path compared to system administration.

The commitment to Cyber Security deepened during a partnership with Blue Coat Systems, now part of Broadcom company, in 2011, emphasizing that all employees in a modern company should have access to online resources in order to be flexible in their job and be responsive to the company's strategic operations while control, security, and visibility had been maintained through unique features of the security solutions, without exposing companies to risks.

A Non-Traditional Path
Though not formally educated in IT and Cyber Security, Ivelin Pavlov collaborated with his partners, prominent IT professionals, finding inspiration in their expertise.
Guided by principles like "We start where others fail" the team believed that the functional strength of cyber security fundamentally lies within the configuration practices followed during IT infrastructure management.

The Most Valuable Thing AKAT Can Offer, According to Him
A combination of knowledge, dedication, and vision. "The expertise and commitment of our team to provide top-notch solutions ensure that we are always at the forefront in this continuously evolving field," he shares

Core Values and Principles He Follows
Ivelin Pavlov emphasizes that AKAT is a team of visionaries and professionals, working with passion. In his view, tasks should be carried out to completion, regardless of the time it takes. Despite the extensive costs associated with preserving and passing on Akat’s know-how, he believes that investment in highly skilled IT experts and their continuous education is essential for the company's success.

How He Sees the Future of Cybersecurity and the Role of AKAT
The future of cybersecurity holds great potential, but he remains cautious about the rapid transition to cloud-based solutions, emphasizing the importance of maintaining competence and expertise.

What Drives Him Forward
The desire for action and the thirst for adventure.

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