Web Security Proxy


Deliver the web access your users want with the control you need.


Content filtering plays an important role to inspect content for malware while balancing user productivity against internet value to business and self-education.


We help you effectively control access to the web and the usage of web content through several key capabilities:


  • User authentication
  • SSL interception
  • Granular categorization: identify the multiple dimensions of any URL by applying more than one category. Farmville, for example, must be accurately categorized as Games as well as Social Networking.
  • Selective content control or delivery: with the prevalence of social networking, businesses need to be able to access sections of social networking sites for legitimate business activity while controlling the use of the many other attractions on these sites.
  • Rich media control: allowing news and how-to videos on YouTube while blocking celebrity news is mandatory business objective in order to avoid costly bandwidth outages or upgrades.
  • Comprehensive policy control: policy needs of businesses today are centered on enabling users to access needed information while managing recreational and objectionable content.
  • Granular reporting on all web usage: You can’t control what you can’t see. You need visibility into what your users are doing on the web. Strong web filtering with a good categorization engine must be supported by strong reporting on user-based web traffic.