WAN Encryption


In order to roll out new real-time applications and to adopt new computing technologies organizations are looking at the high-speed Ethernet WAN as the answer to their excalating bandwidth needs.


Transmitting sensitive information over external networks requires proper network security mechanism.


IPSec and DMVPN environments in complex network architectures require deep expertise and extensive vision over future plans for application technologies and virtualization adoption.


According to Rochester Institute of Technology Report, at smaler frame sizes typical of voice and video, IPSec encryption achieves only 27 % of maximum theoretical throughput. IPSec encryption increases latency and consumes up to 40 % of available bandwidth.


We support our customers with Layer 2 network encryption solution that delivers:


  • maximum performance with zero protocol overhead
  • strongest available protection with AES-256
  • minimal administrative overhead
  • lowest capital cost for high speed networks