Database Activity Monitoring


Protect your sensitive data and minimize data security risk.


Unauthorized databases, improper or escalated user privileges, weak, default, or missing passwords, misconfigurations, and outdated or missing security patches provide easy avenues of attack to today’s hackers.


We deliver control over database processes through automated and scalable database auditing procedures that monitor and audit all access to sensitive data across heterogeneous database platforms.


  • Discover and maintain an accurate inventory of all databases deployed across the enterprise
  • Continually assess, identify and remediate vulnerabilities that expose the database
  • Enforce Least Privileges: Identify user entitlements and enforce user access controls and privileges to limit access to only the minimum data required for employees to do their jobs.
  • Continuous audit all access to sensitive data by privileged and application users
  • Monitor for deviations
  • Alert or block database attacks and abnormal access requests, in real time to protect against SQL injection, Buffer overflow, Denial of Service and more