Data Loss Prevention


We deliver industry’s only network solution capable to defend our customers from todays Advanced Threats and Data Breaches.


Relying on our integrated Information Flow Map™ feature customers may choose to extend their Data Governance Policy to their servers and endpoints on a later bases with an absolute accuracy and visibility.


Our two-tiered Deep Session Inspection™ architecture consists of multiple policy sensors placed around the network to detect and/or prevent data breaches. A central management console distributes policies and then collects and organizes alerts.


Key features:


  • Direct sensor monitors and enforces policy across all 65,535 ports on the network, deployed at the network egress point
  • Internal sensor provides an unprecedented level of network visibility into and control over how information is used and misused across the enterprise
  • Mail sensor monitors and enforces policy for SMTP e-mail traffic, gracefully handling e-mail including quarantine, sender notification, and redirect to e-mail encryption solutions
  • Web sensor monitors and enforces policy for traffic flowing through ICAP-enabled proxy servers
  • Information Flow Map™ brings together knowledge of network flow, application, user identity, and transmitted data in a real-time visual map.