WAN Optimization


There are a few very important challenges that need to be consistently addressed within contemporary IT enabled enterprise:


  • Improve performance of all internal and external applications out to remote locations
  • Reduce bandwidth used by each application in order to enable future expansion of services
  • Control non-essential traffic on the WAN
  • Optimize the implemented web based real-time applications for on-going training, collaboration and/or customer relations


In order to solve these challenges we have elaborated a set of WAN optimization solutions that guarantee:


  • Average performance improvement between 78%-83% for internal and SaaS applications
  • Reduced bandwidth consumption of applications between 50% and 90%+ 
  • Core internal applications protection from non-critical traffic on the WAN
  • Important SaaS application traffic prioritized and guaranteed bandwidth (incoming/ outgoing) to ensure performance for Branch offices
  • Real-time applications for training and collaboration with embedded video consistently delivered without impacting other applications