Availability & Performance Monitoring


Our Availability and Performance Monitoring technology is targeted at enterprises with complex IT environments, delivering business services with high level of criticality to business operations.


Our solution is a perfect fit for the Managed Service Provider segment as it integrates robust monitoring capabilities within all aspects of the IT infrastructure either physical, virtual, on-premise or cloud-based in a comprehensive ‘single pane of glass’ view that supports network and security administrators as well as business line managers in real time.


Our cross-domain monitoring approach spans server, storage, network, virtualization and applications to automatically cross-correlate metrics in real-time, freeing you from the task of gathering this information from multiple sources.


  • Cross-domain Visibility
  • Business Service Management
  • Instantaneous insight into performance-impacting and anomalous activity
  • Real-time analytics and alerts assure optimal IT infrastructure health
  • Root-cause Analysis
  • Rich Context