Video Collaboration


There was a time when rooms equipped with high technology and extremely expensive video solutions provided high quality video conferencing to named executives in organizations.


With time technology has changed so have our needs and perceptions. As humans we rely not only on our hearing for communication. There exists our sight too and we want to use it when collaborating with co-workers, customers or contractors.


Instead of being an event, video conferencing and collaboration has to be a way of life.

Any contemporary video platform for collaboration needs to deliver high quality experience and be universal – on any device, on any network, for any application, anywhere. If you add affordability, lack of latency and signal errors to these factors you are free to:


  • Streamline your internal business collaboration: there is a lot of wasted of time in travel, there is a lot of expense for people to be in the  same room.


With scalable high quality video there is no latency and delay and you can create a  natural feel that you are just like being there in the room with somebody. That empowers  much more frequent meetings and effective collaboration throughout the enterprise with positive effect over your bottom line.


  • Enhance your customer relations: your customers are not technologists. They cannot be messing with controls, configurations, ports and that kind of staff. It has to be simple and easy.


It does not matter whether your business is in finance, utilities, consulting, law, accounting, education or healthcare. Your key customers and patients deserve exceptional service with the adequate dose of personal presence. With scalable video platforms they can connect virtually from anywhere to your meetings. You can share content and make live presentations. You can discuss work progress and adapt to existing expectations proactively.


  • Continuously educate and train your employees: any training program needs to be delivered in a timely and consistent manner and might turn out inefficient if not attached to follow-up workshops or not made available on demand.


There are video solutions that make your training centers globally available. The question is not to link just telepresence devices but to link telepresence into your environment, your personal computers, mobile devices and rooms, where and when needed.