Securing Your Most Critical Assets

Akat Technologies is a recognized leader in the provision and management of IT solutions and services. We are dedicated to ensure that your security works and we always have you covered.

  • Perimeter and Network Security

  • Data Security

  • Endpoint Security

  • Security Operations

Security in Action

Our mission is to identify discrepancies, align system and infrastructure setups, upgrade configurations and reduce overall cost of the Management and Support Service contracts afterwards.

Client Stories

«The Data Loss Prevention that works.»

Automated Controls are Key to Managing and Securing Personal Data

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«Implementing a Holistic Monitoring Strategy.»

Your SIEM properly setup is all you need.

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«File Integrity Monitoring That Manages the Noise and Highlight the Important Changes.»

Tripwire FIM Monitors approximately 450 critical assets in one of the most critical Credit Card Production environments in Bulgaria.

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What to Expect

A loyal business partner. A trusted company for overcoming your challenges. A partner that is always searching for the most effective solution. As an innovator and an experimenter, we rely on our professional experience and on our precisely recruited creative thinking team to deliver hand-on experience that makes a difference

Certified for sure

ISO/IEC 27001:2017

Focused on the quality

ISO 9001:2015

I track record you can trust

10 Years