Lyuben Bahtarliev

Director Technical Operations at

AKAT Technologies


Company Founder and Managing partner

since 2010


Born in 1983, Bulgarian citizen


Lyuben Bahtarliev studied Information

Technologies at theTechnical University

of Sofia. He has a Master Degree in

Information Technologies and holds

specialties in all major fields in computer

science including:


Linux OSes based enterprise services and

solutions Complex VMware-based

infrastructures Applications and

services security Custom development.


After completing his studies Lyuben

gained extensive experience developing

and managing complex information

systems based on Linux and/or Microsoft

hosts and networks. He is specialized in

Application Security development, PKI

infrastructures and security hardening,

PPPoE aggregation clusters and centralized

authentication, OTP design scenarios and

deployments, VMWare virtualization

environment development and complex

solution deployment.